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Meet me, Follow me!

My Name is Jen I am the proud owner of Shoppy Chic Bags!  If you are reading this I probably met you at a farmers market in San Diego, a trade show, charity event, or you have received a Shoppy chic bag as a gift, loved it and came back to buy more... Chances are if you have met me you already know all about Shoppy Chic and the whole fabulous story behind it or else one of your friends told you : )  I cannot beielve the amount of followers/supporters I have and want to keep you all posted on were I am and what I am doing at ALL TIMES with Shoppy Chic!  Do These Three things next:

  • Check out the video in the middle of the homepage (it is hilarious)
  • Forward the link to my homepage to one person tell them to watch the video and spread the shoppy chic word
  • And please send me an email just to say Hi I would love to here from you!