Welcome to SHOPPY CHIC!

Re Cycle is the concept of re-inventing something that has been used for another purpose or passing around something to be used more than once. These creative expressions were designed to replace the plastic bag and are made out of remnants of beautiful high end designer fabrics.

Picked and paired from a leading textile mill right here in the U.S. The Owner expert in the industry and known around the world for her impeccable taste and eye for design heads up this still booming textile business and is always willing to find a better way to dispose of any excess her factory produces.

Not only does Shoppy Chic now have their own bags manufactured with SIS, but they use the scrap produced by SIS to make their bags! Shari Hammer also donates the smaller pieces of scraps to another crafts women who then makes and sells braided rugs and has been doing so for 8+ years.

What are Shoppy Chic bags?

Shoppy Chic is an eco-friendly line of fashionable handbags. Simplistic in design, the Shoppy Chic bag was created for everyday use to replace the convenient, but toxic, plastic bag.

Plastic bags are toxic to our earth, air, oceans and animals. Shoppy Chic bags offer a solution to this problem. This solution does not cost millions of dollars and does not require any political or social change. The solution is simple? we each need to make the choice to stop using plastic bags. Shoppy Chic bags are a beautiful and stylish solution and a chic way to shop!

Shoppy Chic bags are unique, and innovative in design. Shoppy Chic bags are 100% reversible each fabric is paired with an equally gorgeous, coordinating fabric for the inside of the bag. The handles on a Shoppy Chic bag are made entirely from zipper to give maximum strength and a unique style. Whether you have just stopped at the farmer’s market and have a pound of fresh fruits and vegetables to carry or you are on your way to the office and need to carry extra shoes and jogging clothes, Shoppy Chic bags will serve your needs with convenience and style.

Where did Shoppy Chic get it’s start?

Cyndi Ritger, former owner of SIS enterprises, and sister to Shari Hammer had noticed an increasing amount of excess scrap fabric, the concept for the Shoppy Chic bag began to emerge. Cyndi simply could not let all that perfectly good, brand new fabric go to waste. She took some home and experimented with creating a set of coordinated shopping bags for herself. She loved them and received compliments wherever she went. Cyndi sent a set of bags to her daughter Jen, in southern California.

Jen began using her bags for her groceries. The bags attracted so much attention and received so many compliments that people were literally trying to place orders on the spot, in the grocery line and in the parking lot.

Cyndi sent 10 more sets immediately and in 6 short months, Shoppy Chic bags were spreading over southern California. With 350 bags sold at a local farmers market in La Jolla and the growing interest from word of mouth and emails, Shoppy Chic was launched. Shoppy Chic is now selling in 198 stores across the nation and is continuing to grow rapidly. We are thrilled to see the growth of this idea into such a beautiful and useful product.

Why are Shoppy Chic bags different than any other bag?

Shoppy Chic bags are made in the USA, and always will be. The majority of reusable bags on the market today are made outside the United States. Not only does this overseas production weaken our own economy, conditions for these workers are often horrible..

Shoppy Chic bags are eco-friendly. They are made entirely from remnants of beautiful designer fabrics. Ranging from earth -toned suede to bright colorful stripes and swirls, to beautiful, simple cotton prints, our selection is extensive. In fact, Shoppy Chic offers over 400 different patterns and textures.

Where can I buy Shoppy Chic?

you can also follow Shoppy Chic on Facebook or email directly from the contact page.